SSH and serial console for a06?

Looking for an SSH and serial console to use with my a06 on Armbian or Manjaro, need to be able to connect to network switches. I have putty installed, but it doesn’t fit the height of the display.

Is there a way to adjust putty to fit, or is there a different application I can use. Having telnet might be useful, but generally turned off on things due to weak security.

You can always use a terminal emulator + ssh/minicom/telnet.

You can use screen as a serial terminal as well

As with many other things, I needed to learn how minicom worked, won’t do ssh, but serial is fine. I may try to tweak PuTTY settings and see if I can shrink the menus down to fit the display. But for now minicom will do what I need.

I did run into a problem with a usb-serial device based on FTDI… It would connect, get assigned to ttyUSB0, then immediately disconnect. A little searching later and the answer was to remove brltty. Reboot and now it stays connected.

For putty, it looks like only the bottom buttons aren’t visible (maybe). Just use the alt+shortcut keys.
There are 3 buttons: About, Open, and Cancel.