Implementing a touchscreen? (And replacements)

Touch display?

Has anyone experimented or researched the ability to swap out the display for a touchscreen one? I was looking at something like this, and was wondering how possible it might actually be.

Thoughts / opinions?

Replacement Display

Alternatively, I was originally looking for replacement displays when and if I eventually crack the current unprotected bare IPS display. Would this be a suitable replacement? It looks near identical. Ideally clockworkpi will sell replacement parts, im afraid of breaking something and being SOL.

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From my past experience with cheap amazon touchscreens and raspberry pis: yes, but it wouldn’t be a perfect 1:1 swap. From the specs on that amazon link it looks like it gets signal via HDMI and draws power/sends touch data via USB, so there’s no problems communicating with whatever core you have inside. The hard part would be the physical connections, since AFAIK the only HDMI port is the miniature one that’s exposed to the side of the case; unless you wanted an exposed connector there you’d have to solder directly to the pins on the board itself (ditto for the USB connection).

I’m hoping someone makes an extension board that is essentially a powered internal USB hub; with how i hold it during usage (like a giant gameboy), the current USB ports are covered by my palms

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Yes, it would depend on the screen size and the connectivity/display. Whether it is MIPI CSI/DSI or HDMI. I don’t know what the A06 supports out of the box.

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