Taiko no Tatsujin on Gameshell - (PSP cores for Retroarch and DS discussion)

does anyone know about some good psp cores for retroarch? thanks!

As far as I know, the gameshell isn’t powerful enough to run PSP. As a comparison point, I compare the CPI to be about as powerful as a raspberry pi 3. At least on my RPi 3 (over clocked), although a PSP emulator will run, it run fairly terribly.

If we were to port over a PSP emulator, it probably wouldn’t be a Retroarch core, but a standalone such as ppsspp. You could use the lr_ppsspp core in Retroarch, but given the former struggles on a RPi 3, I wouldn’t hold my breath.

The main games I’ve tested on a RPi 3 are mega man maverick hunter X and castlevania Dracula X chronicles. They’re not very graphically demanding games and have trouble running on the Rpi3, so I would imagine the same could be said of the gameshell.

I can’t remember the exact quote, but in the emulation community, people say that in order to emulate a console, the computer you are using needs to be some magnitude multiple faster than what you’re trying to emulate. The raw stats of the CPI are pretty much on par with a PSP, so I don’t think emulating it would be feasible.

One thing you could do is play the PSX ports that run on PSP using PCSX. Some ports are slightly different. But in reality, you’re just running an optimised version of a PSX game, and not really a PSP game.

The question is, what is it that you want to run?

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i wanted to run some of the PSP only games, but id does not seem feasable as you have stated.

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What ones in particular were you thinking? Basically if they run on my RPi 3, there’s a chance we can get them working on the Gameshell. I just haven’t looked further into it, since the only games I’d want to play on the gameshell are mega man and castlevania.

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specifically, i was thinking of Taiko no Tatsujin Portable DX

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I just got that half price on my switch, and accidentally bought $150 of dlc. Help. I love the game. I see why you might want to make an alternative case, ie from the other thread you posted in. Imagine a case with a taiko drum style input pad.

Now you’ve piqued my interest. Time to have a look at getting it running! That said, I’m guessing that the latency would drive you nuts. Haven’t tried the PSP Version. Was there a way to adjust latency in the game? Seeing as it’s using just psp hardware, it might not?

Also I’m slightly worried that given the much higher resolution of the PSP screen, scaling would be a garbled mess. I’ll let you know if I get something working.

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i have the rom for the DS version already running on the gameshell, only problem is i don’t know how to use the stylus function on there, so i couldn’t find any other way to get the game on there, besides emulating the PSP or recreating it in PICO-8. i’m glad you enjoy the game, i got it on 61% off back in january when i was sick, and it was the only thing keeping me going besides saltines and yakult mixed with ginger-ale (it’s not as bad as it may sound) i also have an idea for a drum style input, using the external input, a bread board, some buttons and some 3d printing magic

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If you want to use the touch screen in the DS emulator, you will need to install a custom sketch to the arduino.

That said, I’m guessing the emulation community have made mods to change it to button control instead of touch. I know they have done that with the Zelda games; spirit tracks and phantom hour glass.

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cool! seems a bit complex, but i will try that.

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just realised taiko no tatsujin for ds doesn’t need the stylus…

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Hahah oh absolutely perfect!
Oh! So I don’t know if I wrote it anywhere, but you can “switch screens” pushing shift and A. Or maybe it was shift and B? Either way, the other one does dual screen mod, so you can see both screens as once, the size of a postage stamp. Just in case you need to see more.

For this in particular, we either will probably need to use the light bar, change the key mapping in the config to have LR on a face button in drastic, or change the key mapping in game. I’ll have to ask my girlfriend to translate the menus to see if it can be done.

As it stands, it seems like the ABXY are Don hits and LR or touch screen is Katsu.

Might I suggest also, changing the name of this topic to something like “Taiko no Tatsujin on Gameshell” or something similar?

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switch screen is 1 and 5 on the light key and L and R are 2 and 4, and i managed to change the button layout in the game menu to don= a, b, ↓, and → while katsu is x, y, ←, and ↑, and i can’t edit the title for some reason

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Nice! Haha set up the same way I have it on Nintendo Switch. :wink:

Also, it’s hard to read the drastic menu on the tiny screen, but there is a way to set up a control config per game. Push shift + menu to get to the menu, then choose the second option. Change the key bindings, then go to the second last option to save for the individual game. Or just save an individual config, and edit that file externally so you can actually read it! Hah.
It might almost be worth sharing a pre made config for people to copy to their config directory. (~/apps/emulators/drastic/config/Taiko.cfg)

On a side note, at least in my region (Australia) Taiko no Tatsujin is 70% off on the PSN store under the “popular in Japan” banner.

Aha! Good news! You can change the settings in game! You don’t need go chance the controls via drastic.
I’m guessing that’s how you got it working too. But I guess if anyone wants to know, we could upload some screenshots translating things. In fact there could even be an English patch for the rom.

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