Thermal Printer - EOS/POS commands / font/density Q

Hope this is not too embarrassing of a question but -

Having some trouble deciphering the EOS/POS commands examples section of the Thermal Printer github DevTerm/Code/thermal_printer at main · clockworkpi/DevTerm · GitHub

Any chance someone can walk me through changing font size in 2 situations-

  • printing direct out of terminal using echo
    -using cat to print a txt file

while we’re at it, if there are any other options, I’d greatly appreciate the help.

I just want to print some ascii transfers, but would also love to know how to print images correctly too. Feel like the other threads operate on a bit of user basic proficiency that is slightly beyond me.

thanks for your time!


set printer font index,n:0-4
echo -en “\x1b\x21\x0” > /tmp/DEVTERM_PRINTER_IN
echo -en “\x1b\x21\x1” > /tmp/DEVTERM_PRINTER_IN
echo -en “\x1b\x21\x2” > /tmp/DEVTERM_PRINTER_IN
echo -en “\x1b\x21\x3” > /tmp/DEVTERM_PRINTER_IN
echo -en “\x1b\x21\x4” > /tmp/DEVTERM_PRINTER_IN

for your reference

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