uConsole: Replacement parts?

Hi there,

So I noted that when leaving my system to charge (while running) that the screen turned off to save power. When I pressed a key for it to turn on again, I noted it had some strange halo/burn in around the edge of it. Has anyone else experienced this before?

Is the only way to obtain a replacement screen, thermal pads, or parts simply to buy a new unit? Or will these parts be released to the store eventually?

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i also had this happen to me. I left my uConsole sitting on a the arm of a chair and the back got hot. After I picked it up and the back cooled off, the halo went away. I use to have the same problem withe my Pinebook Pro before I added active cooling to it. I haven’t had it happen again, I make sure nothing sits up against the back.

I have just noticed the same on my unit. Left it on the sofa for an hour while I was accessing it via ssh and when I turned the screen back on, it had that halo.


My original thought on why this was happening was perhaps my thermal pad. Initially when I installed the cover, the pad was so thick that I had to squish the two half’s together to close the case. But because I had to open the unit so many times, it had already ‘form-factored’ it’s way around the chip as well as spread out to equal the height of the case. So my assumption was, now it might be over-heating because it is no longer making a solid connection and is only tenuously touching the back cover?

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So random question: Does anyone know where you can find thermal pads which are as thick as the original that comes with the uConsole? The thickest pads I could find are perhaps these?

I got the halo, but restarting fixed it. Think its a “screensaver” artifact.

Hi! In my case, I cut the half of thickness of the pad to put in and close the back. my unit it’s not very warm (35 to 45*C). When I dismount the back, I “just” reform the pad with my fingers… and it’s work!