Thermal pad is too thick for CM4

I just received uConsole CM4 versioin.
It came with 4mm thick thermal pad. It was too thick. I think that thermal pad is for A-04/06 or R-01.
Does anyone have any suggestion about how thick the thermal pad for CM4 should be ?

I thought they were squishy?

They are squishy. The thickness is fine IMO. it seems too thick at first but after you get the back panel lined up and screwed down it is perfectly fine.

I thought so at first. but when I put the lid, it feels like I might break cm4 adapter board. So I just bought thinner pads
I put 1.5mm thick one, and it fits nicely.

Agreed. When using the CM4 adapter board, the default pad is just way too thick.
Caused the backshell to deform and have gaps. 1.5mm works fine and makes good contact indeed.

But sure, if no alternatives are at hand, hammering the default pad flat would also work.