uConsole The keyboard?

Based on the way normal keyboards are set up, backspace is usually above the enter key, so I would get why people want to move it down. It just feels more natural.
Even phone (all normal keyboards, not just Blackberry) keyboards are like this.
Screen Shot 2022-11-10 at 10.12.30

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I agree with Jase:

But according to my DevTerm experience (it’s keyboard is larger than uConsole), we would never do massive typing or software developing by the keyboard. The keyboard is very beautiful and very cool, and it’s available anytime. That’s why we are attracted and buy this amazing gadget.

When I need massive typing, I prefer connect a normal size USB keyboard.


This is from the recent assembly guidelines. Maybe the backspace and enter keys will be in the correct positions on the final product.


I would say yes, judging by the testing tool they created for the keyboard manufacturer to test that the board works correctly



I hope so. But the most recent picture we got of them was from Twitter and the layout is the same as the old picture.

Buy an extra keyboard membrane when they go on sale, cut out material around enter and backspace keys to same size, rubber cement back together?

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I just got mine, and it’s correct with Delete in the upper right, and Enter in the middle.



Nice! How is the typing experience? Is the d-pad good enough for gaming?

keyboard hard-clicks but the rubber pad softens it. I have a pocketchip and the uconsole is million times better, typing on it is pretty comparable to the phone keyboards of yesteryear.

the d-pad works best for navigation, personally I couldn’t see myself doing any platform/action gaming, I think my fingers would tire, but games that use it for directional movement or menu navigation would be fine.


That is good to hear! I also have a PocketCHIP and was really amazed by the form factor, but the keyboard was just so unbareable that you had to put it away after 15 minutes. Sounds like this is better, though I think membrane keyboard would be even better but might be difficult with these small keys.

I really want to buy rightside version of keyboard.
I just received uConsole today,
When I started to use this keyboard, I noticed that right shifted QWERTY line is very very annoying and makes too many mistakes.

I hope they make optional faceplate, keyboard module, and keyboard rubber.
Or maybe move ASDFG row to right and make it to orthogonal layout.