Underclocking Help

I’ve been tinkering with underclocking the system to increase the battery life until I find a suitable replacement battery.

Given that this doesn’t have (or apparently have) an overclocking tool like the RPI, I decided to go the classic linux route and edit the files at /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq, specifically the file which specifies which govenor to use (currently “Performance” which locks the clockspeed at max if I remember).

The problem is I can’t edit them. Sudo, Sudo su -, nano, vim- nothing works. How can I change these files? Or is there a better way to go about this?

Changing is

echo “value” | sudo tee /sys/…/governors

If it does not change that mean that there is no other governors set in the kernel. And that also may mean that the kernel can’t control the frequency of the CPU.

I think I did that command and it said permission denied.
I’ll see if I can use that on max frequency file (my pc is off, I’ll find file names tomorrow) and set it to one of the lower frequencies in the frequency steps file.

I found the folder by looking at the “About” script in settings. It refers to whatever the max frequency file is called. That gives me some hope that it can be changed

If the kernel was build without support for dynamic frequencies you will not be able, the file will still be there anyway.

performance governor override and force the frequency at the maximum, if you want to be able to change you need to set the governor to “user”

You have to look at “scaling_available_governors” to see which one are available.

But yeah “permission denied” is to be expected if you put a value which is not valid.

Will be able to help more if I get mine one day…

I just checked the scaling_available_governor file and you are correct. The only available governor is “performance”.

As you said, if we had “Userspace” we could edit the “scaling_setspeed” file and it would be easy. But nooooo…

We can technically edit the scaling_max/min_freq files, but they reset on reboot.

I guess this is another thing for the next kernel…