What are the Keyboard mappings for the Gameshell?

I’m trying to write a script that will run a terminal application and want to use some customization for input options. Currently the program requires the user to press buttons like: “1” or “q” and I would like to remap those to the QWERTY equivalent of “up/down arrow” and the other buttons. I assume that the game shell is making QWERTY calls with the inputs but I guess I’m not sure. . . .any insight would be most helpful! Thanks!!

If someone knows a good way to debug this, I’d be willing to give that a shot too!
Side note, I am just writing a custom “.sh” file and setting to be executed but would like to have the actual terminal output displayed instead of just the “loading” screen with the gameshell icon so if someone knows how to do that, you’d be a rock star!

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Yes, the gameshell is sending keyboard keystrokes. The keypad connects to the mainboard as a USB HID keyboard.

You can ssh into your gameshell and run this as root in terminal


It will output the keycodes of the buttons you press and you can use this list to see which button the keycode is: http://www.comptechdoc.org/os/linux/howlinuxworks/linux_hlkeycodes.html


Thanks! I did try the showkey program that you mentioned but was trying to run it from the GameShell rather than through ssh. I’ll mess with it some more today, thanks again!

It won’t let me map the SHIFT key and the middle LightKey button (shift) in retroarch. Any tips?

The front SHIFT is not a key on the Gameshell side

The lightkey middle button is keyboard shift, but appart from that, its not programmed into the keypad code


As you can see KEYPAD_LIGHT3 is missing @hal

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Seems more like the code treat it the same as the front shift key:

cf here:

and here:

Then https://github.com/clockworkpi/Keypad/blob/master/keymaps.png its not accurate on the middle button

Well yeah looks like :confused:

Hmmm still can’t get my program to run as expected. Here is what I am trying to do:

  1. Install the command line program Pianobar -Working

  2. Setup a custom config to log into my account and play a specific station -Working

  3. Get the key commands to map appropriately to gameshell to skip tracks, change volume and exit the application - NOT WORKING

  4. Display an icon or terminal output while the track is playing - NOT WORKING

Anybody else interested in the ability to play pandora on the GameShell? I thought it would be cool to have it run in the background while I play some other games.