What games is everybody playing?

Hi there,

After using the DevTerm as a note-taking machine, server, emulation rig and after trying different operating systems it’s time to play some native/x86 games. I’ve been playing PokeMMO quite a bit the last week or so. What else are you guys playing? I’d be interested in some multiplayer games as well, though I know they might be a bit harder to come by.

Any suggestion is most welcome!

RTS game with the aesthetics of old westwood game (C&C, Red Alert) with a hint of Macro-map level management (Supreme Commander).

Surprised that the game actually have an ARM build in it. I’ve already played the game numerous times in multiplayer and it’s amazing! Do not that you might have to active all 4 cores on gearbox for A04 devterm units.

Game is freemium: you can play the first campaign and multiplayer function is free forever, except that you are locked to few maps (total of 2 free maps). If you like the game, buy the full game for 10 USD, last time I checked.

I haven’t check the game features in detail but I think it’s cross-platform? players that play on Linux can play with others on MacOS, Windows and even Android.

dwarf fortress, openxcom, ppsspp, Undune? Sunvox isn’t a game but is relaxing enough to feel like a game…