Where to buy? Kickstarter ended

Kickstarter page has no links to sign up for product availability.

Where do I buy or sign up to buy when available?

I can’t buy on there either. Its all grayed out.


sorry about that dodgy link in my earlier (retracted) response, too many windows open in parallel.

I am not sure what yong’s plans are for productionisation after the crowdfunding deliveries have been completed, but Indiegogo does offer an In-Demand phase for ordering after the initial crowdfunding phase.

I’m sorry. We are all sold out now. New production are planned to start in about 1-2 months. You can sign up for in the wait list on our website or just shoot me an email at help@clockworkpi.com .

Signed up to be notified when available. Thanks!

Interestingly, GameShells aren’t available at all on Ebay. Most tech related crowd funded projects I’ve invested in had all sorts of Ebay sales after delivery. I guess GS owners are that pleased with their purchases.


Will users be able to order additional parts independently, say just the light key or another shell case color?

Sure. We will give users those options, too.

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That is awesome! I won’t regret anymore of not having ordered the Lightkey module :grimacing:

i regret it !!! where i could get it? i would like to buy it!!! :confused: