Who's Who at Clockwork?

Hello everyone :slight_smile:

Was looking at that picture of clockwork’s Team:

I think that our @hal here is pretty obvious who he is, but who is @yong and “cuu” from github?


There’s also @dax who’s the only other leader on the forum.

I feel like Chongjing Yao because Y + ong ^^ idk really but they seem to be nice people :smiley:

Yong has a picture of himself on his YouTube channel. He doesn’t quite look like Yao from it (granted, the resolution is low, he’s wearing a hat, and he’s wearing glasses in the photo).

Well his YouTube channel says Yong Zhang, that sounds like a plausible Chinese name from what I know, so he is not in that list :wink:

I always though that @yong was more of an external that working directly with Clockwork.

Well let’s wait for their answers :slight_smile:

Hey guys! Didn’t expect to show my picture here. I joined the team late, after the launch of KS campaign. I am in San Franciso bay area most of the time, now traveling back in China.


hahaha, google is our friend but anonimity’s worst enemy :wink: Safe travels !


Liu is name or surname?

is possible to writing normal chinese chars?