Is Clockwork participating in Google Summer of Code?

Thats basicly my question, any replies would be heartly welcomed.

Also, I dont own a GameShell, is that a problem? I dont have a project to showcase, but in the interesst of others I will still state this question.

Have a good one!

It is a great suggestion, we would love to try that!

However, it seems that we have missed the Organization Application Deadline (February 5, 2020). Let’s keep a discussion open here about how we should proceed, maybe for next time. We would like to hear your ideas and suggestions as we have no prior experience.

Me neither! I was just curious… plus I think, the organisation has to set the projects to be completed, but the applicant has someone to contact if they get stuck… something like that… so pertaining the firmware, can I use this firmware/operating system in another system, possibly an ordroid go to test the OS… or an advance… is there a porting process for games if you want to do porting work, or does it work right out of the gate, given the right keyboard inputs and cohorts, it seems though games made with sdl work everywhere… I dont know if this had anything to do with the project… also, is your hardware originating from china? whats the team size for such a project? was this an international effort before the kickstarter? will the price of the device go down in the future? Will there be a cap pertaining performance of the hardware, meaning, will the base kit be even more enhanced in the future, what does that mean for the price? Sorry for stating it, but its a shame most of our goods come from china, this is really a step into the right direction, i dont know of people outside of china developing retro emulation handhelds, and they dont do so well in the west, also those machines being able to run roms is a new thing, still i love how cave story is ported for every obscure handheld on the market it seems, i dont have any experience programming hardware, or operating systems… is that a problem? How closed off is the firmware? Meaning, are the repos on github all there is to the programming side of things… sorry if I come off racist…

make a list ,bro…

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