3D print of DevTerm case and keyboard

While waiting for my DevTerm to ship, I decided to 3D print some mockups from the actual designs to get an idea of the real size and feel of the device. I shared these pics on Discord while they were happening but I thought some people are likely only on the forum but might also find it interesting to look at while we wait.


It feels pretty nice in my hands. I can barely fit my fingers on the homerow, it’s too cramped for touch typing but it’s the perfect size to hold in your hands and thumb type. The trackball and buttons seem to be perfectly placed to work with my forefinger and thumb. The d-pad feels a little small for gaming but I can’t actually press the mockup buttons so I hope it will be fine in the real device.


Yessss! That’s how I used my HP 200LX a long time ago, I was hoping the DevTerm would not be too large for thumb-typing. Also, much easier as I plan to use the device on the go - If I’m at the office I may only ssh to it.