Another suggestion for future DevTerm

Just saw this on the internet.

Is that possible to create a larger DevTerm with a bigger size that can fit in a 65% keyboard?


That’s pretty cool. Basically my big disappointment with the DevTerm is it’s size. When I read it was a 65% keyboard, I thought it actually was that size and would be close to the size of the ancient TRS-80 100 it modeled. But nope… it was like 65% of a 65% keyboard. Very small.

I’m now going to try to find a way to mod an actual TRS80 Model 100 with a new screen and the guts from the DevTerm somehow… maybe. probably not, but it would be neat to use the chassis/keyboard from a real Mod100 with a modern R-Pi system. (tho the A06 would rock as well).



Wait - what is that, and where can I get one?

ClockworkPi has a new machine out for pre-order. Check their home page.

I am in 100% agreement with chrstr, the original poster. I’m a touch-typist and it feels like my fingers are all broken if I have to type on something that’s not based on mechanical keyswitches like the better Cherry, ALPS or Topres. I don’t want to pay for or lug around your keyboards. Perhaps you could have an alternate offering that eliminates the keyboard or provides a large enough space to drop in a TexYoda Tex Yoda II White LED 60% Mechanical Keyboard , not that I’m a Trackpoint™ fan, or the keyboard from the MNT Reform, with their trackball. There are 50% keyboards, which might actually fit pretty well. BTW, the photo is the (dumb) K2 keyboard-display:
This Keyboard Has a Monitor Attached! — Sypnotix


Oh nuts, I thought it was an all-in-one mini like the DevTerm but running Windows. Something like that but self-contained so I can put it in my briefcase would be exactly my thing.