A Question about compiling own image on DevtermA04

I am trying to compile an image as per the https://github.com/clockworkpi/DevTerm/wiki/Create-DevTerm-A04-OS-image-from-scratch page and have come up against some roadblocks.

To start off I have an A04 0.2h image that is up to date with apt update and upgrade. It is on a 256GB Sandisk Evo so there should be enough space.

The first couple of commands work well:

cd ~
git clone https://github.com/armbian/build.git
git clone https://github.com/clockworkpi/DevTerm.git

cd build

git reset --hard 5fa022603c0948cc59688ba782b3711f980a0be3

then when I get to

cp -rf ~/DevTerm/Code/patch/armbian_build_a04/userpatches/* userpatches/

the console let me know that userpatches/ is not a directory.
I create a directory with mkdir userpatches and this seems to allow me to continue. <-----is this correct?

cp -rf ~/DevTerm/Code/patch/armbian_build_a04/config/boards/* config/boards/
cp -rf ~/DevTerm/Code/patch/armbian_build_a04/config/kernel/*  config/kernel/

works well without problems.

Then when I do the ./compile.sh it goes:

[ warn ] Can't update since you made changes to: 
Press <Ctrl-C> or exit to abort compilation , <Enter> to ignore and continue, diff to display changes```

Diff shows a heap of code with pretty colours and stuff 
that I don't understand because I'm an idiot. So enter to ignore and it gives you a graphical menu with options that I played with.

Then when I select ok to go I get the following message:

[ o.k. ] Preparing [ host ]
[ o.k. ] Build host OS release [ jammy ]
[ error ] ERROR in function prepare_host [ general.sh:1089 ]
[ error ] It seems you ignore documentation and run an unsupported build system: jammy 
[ o.k. ] Process terminated 

What am I doing wrong, and please correct me where I'm falling off the pot but is it because I'm using the newest image (A04 0.2h Jammy)?

Am now trying it with the original hirsute (A04-v0.1a) and will edit with update.