A simple, stupid but useful expansion port mod ;)

Don’t do it in front of an ATM, seriously.
If caught, clarify that this is a harmless debug port (unless programmed otherwise)

BTW tested a few USB cables and this (length?) is the only one with bearable signal integrity.


love it! I was just using the printer as a storage compartment for a USB TTL cable or BusPirate (and connect it to the external USB type A connectors).

I liked the idea of the printer, but I don’t use it very often. I wish it was a cartridge slot like an MSX or PCjr.

Ha you mean cable in the orange drum? That’s cool :stuck_out_tongue:
Was thinking, maybe we can do a deep but slim slot format (like CompactFlash Type I, or PCMCIA) that is compatible with the printer?

… Can even leverage the step motor to “safely eject the expansion card”, mechanically :smiley:

police:drop your weapons!!!!!!no,drop your devterm