About 14 pins gpio in clockwork

I know clockworkpi in gameshell has 14 pins can be used as communication pin to connect with other devices with UART/SPI/I2C, but I don’t know how to control gpio in software. I have seen this page but It seems people in the page has no idea to control it in /sys/class/gpio . And then I seen this page, it’s a video to teach how to control gpio in orange pi, but the orange pi has larger difference with clockworkpi. Do you get some experience in clockworkpi gpio control? Can you help me?

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Same question for me. We need more detailed guideline for the usage of GPIO.

Thanks but what is the relationship between gpiochip0 gpiochip352 and UART/I2C?

I’ve bought a digital-to-analog module(I2C based) to support sensors but unable to know how to make it works.

Happy to have more discuss.

Please check my new topic regarding GPIOs and I2C:

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oh! It’s very useful for me, thanks very much!!!

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