GPIO and Arduino cables/connectors

Hi everyone!

I purchased my “previously enjoyed” GameSH> maybe 3 weeks ago now and love it.
I had been going through the forums, and have found everyone to be super helpful.

I wanted to ask if there are additional cables for the GPIO pins and the two 15 pin connectors on the Arduino/Keypad.

If there aren’t additional cables, could I get info on the connectors to be able to make my own?

Thanks in advance.

Not sure I understand what you mean
does this help?

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Sorry for the confusion.

I think what I’m really looking for is specs of the connectors.

So the GPIO and arduino connectors are JST type, but I am looking for part numbers so I can find mating connectors.

Then I can make my own JST to Dupont cables

I´ve made this spreadsheet long time ago Gameshell Cables - Google Sheets

Hope it helps.

With a caliper and this JST connector - Wikipedia you could correlate the other connectors on that sheet and know the part.

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This is definitely helpful. Thank you!

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