Curiosity killed the clockworkguy

I was just wondering if the clockwork pi itself could be used as a controller on my retroarch on steam. if not no biggie i have a ps4 controller to mess around with.
also curious if there are any new advancements in cpi tech, like new cpu’s or batteries.
hope the clockwork community is still alive.

appreciate you all, keep on emulating!

Remove the keyboard and plug it in via USB :laughing:

Otherwise you could probably do some hacky Linux things to get it working wirelessly.

lmao thank you for the idea. i think the first method might work.

Whups! I just noticed this isn’t a post in Devterm. I don’t think the Gameshell input is usb-based :sweat_smile:

I made something about it long time ago, it consist of a pc client and a gameshell app that sends the keystrokes over network.


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It is, but unlike the DevTerm keyboard, the microB and the connector to the mainboard are not the same USB port.