Access SD Card through USB

Hello everyone,
Probably a stupid question but i can’t reach the SD card via the USB connection from my windows PC… is the only way to physically remove it?

Well; unless you are running Linux on your PC, you will not be able to do a lot on the SD card (and I would not recommend to do it unless you know what you are doing)

The SD card store the whole OS running on the GameShell; if you touch file or folder that are essential to it; you may “break” it and have to reinstall the content on the Sd card.

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Thanks for your super fast answer Godzil.
So the only way to add files, including ROMs, is through a Linux system?

No of course not! but you will need Wi-Fi for that, or find a way to update with the USB change they’ve made, but it is not going to make it appear as a drive.

This is something that could be done at a later time (going to add that on my own project plan)


You can use something like WinSCP to move files to the gameshell over wifi. You can’t plug the sd card into your pc and move files due the filesystem.

ah sure via wifi! WinSCP or Filezilla?
Are there a User name and password to be used to connect?

username: cpi
password: cpi

Awsome! Thanks for the help!

The connection works great but I can’t copy or create folder etc always get a permission denied message…

Uh… where are you putting the folders?

figured out that i can only copy files or create sub folder in folders Home/cpi/
I guess this is normal to avoid screwing up with the os

The best way i think is if you have windows 10 i simply installed a duelboot linux ubuntu you simply put the sd card into linux to access the whole file system to copy files.