Moving everything over to a larger memory card

Is there a way to copy everything i’ve done on my current memory card over to another larger one, as im about to run out of space!


I believe it is possible to clone your SD card’s image onto another larger card, in linux. But of course that would require a USB device to clone it to, but I am sure that in theory, its possible in linux (like for instance, rpi-clone on the raspberry pi)

There is card cloning software available in windows, but I don’t know if they’ll work on a linux based card image.

Its done with dd command.

dd bs=4M if=/dev/mmcblk0 of=file.img

Then you can dd it back to the new card and then expand the file system.

How do you export it? I presume it needs to be transferred to the new card at the same time, or at least to a suitable external directory?

I dont understand how to to do that, could you explain abit further please?

Also would it be possible to just download everything that’s currently on the card with FileZilla? And put that into a new card?

You take out the card connect it to the pc with a card reader and dump it into an image file.


I’ve made a clone now, but it says its only 43mb. The whole card is actually almost 8gb though. I don’t understand how i can get everything.

That looks like the boot partition only which is small and the other one is the main one but windows can´t see it.

I used dd from console:

You need a linux OS for that thought.


Im actually using a mac, i used the dd command from the console. Got it too work… For the boot partition only. Still wont recognise anything else on there. Is there a way I can tell my mac to just copy everything?

You have to find the device and use dd over that device instead of the partition according to this site on mac you can list the storage devices with:

diskutil list

Thanks for this link @Petrakis, I must admit I forgot that win32diskimager has the read function.

I’ve used paragon and finally found the hidden files. However now I have to image files. The boot files and what was hidden. Can I combine them somehow?

On the Mac, you need to use dd for the whole card. To backup:

diskutil list

to get the drive id.

dd if=/dev/diskx of=Path/To/clockworkos.dmg bs=4m

To restore:

dd if=Path/To/clockworkos.dmg of=/dev/rdiskx bs=4m

(rdisk works better when writing to the card)

I thought I might of done it, but now my gameshell won’t turn on, either with the new card, or the old one.

Have a messed it up for good somehow?

EDIT: fixed that, just put the original card in, and pushed the rest button

I always find it best to write the original virgin clockworkos.dmg to a new card and use Linux Live and GParted to expand the image. Then I use scp to restore my home folder to restore my games.

to backup home folder (on a Mac):

scp -r cpi@ ~/Desktop/

to restore:

scp -r ~/Desktop/cpi cpi@

then restart the GameShell. Force restart by pressing and holding the power button! The menu probably won’t work.

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I got it too work finally! Using a mixture of your help and various things on the internet.

One last thing, is there a way to expand the storage now its on a larger card (32gb), as it still says 8gb.

And can I do this from the terminal if I connect to the Gameshell? As i don’t have unbunto, I’m only using a mac.


As I said, the only way I’ve been successful expanding the image to fill the card is using the GParted app from a Linux booted image.

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Thats great for games and stuff but if you configured alot of things and manually edited alot of files, then the other option is better.

Yea sorry, I did see that you’d said that. Just restoring my home file. Fingers crossed it all works

EDIT: It finally Works. Thanks for all your help!