Adding Emulators and Roms to GameShell on PC

The information on the forum is helpful but for some, it may be a little difficult to understand. I had some issues comprehending some of the steps and tutorials on adding emulators to the GameShell. With a little persistence and determination, I finally figured it out.

I have created a step by step video on how to add emulators and roms to the GameShell and you can watch it by clicking here

If you have any question feel free to ask them here or in the comment section of the video!

Good Luck and happy open source gaming!

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Hey man. Curious if you found out how to get the blueMSX emulator to work. I’ve tried every BIOS I can find… I need the original Metal Gear in my life.

Check it out if you got some time!

EDIT: Installed on my PC and took some files from there for the BIOS. All is good! I’m looking into remapping controls for it now. Coleco Button 2 seems to map, but nothing else will work.
Some help would be greatly appreciated!!

Sorry for the delay, im glad you got the emulator to work on the GameShell! It seems you have to find ways around methods that should work but don’t. I had to download emulators from a source on the internet instead of Retro Arch and then transfer them to the GameShell.

I haven’t messed with blueMSX just yet but I think I will… Hopefully you got the buttons mapped but if you didn’t I let you know what I come up with!