Amateur Radio Use

Want to build a group for experience with the DevTerm in support of Amateur Radio


I don’t know anything about this topic, but saw a recent thread here that might be of interest:


I’d love to see a devterm image or software bundle; I’m the OP of that thread, in the middle of moving now but plan to try to get OP25 up and running. I’m a HAM newbie, but as far as I understand we should be able to use the headphone jack for digital mode decoding


I use a product called SignalLink USB that integrates the radio via an interface cable. FLDIGI should work either with SignalLink or speaker and mic. An external USB sound adapter can be mated up with the radio too. First program will be Chirp for programming handhelds.

yeah maybe we could even just set up an apt repo or something

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Folks, just watched an amazing video on the forum - if you purchased the CM3 Raspberry pi module you will be able to load ham radio software using a package manager - since the A06 is different you may have to compile from source - my linux skills are marginal (install on MS laptops, sudo apt-get install … type stuff) so I have a learning curve until I can purchase the Raspberry pi compute module - but due to chip shortages - they are out of stock so I guess for the time being I’ll be doing things the hard way

Okay - Chirp, FLDIGI VIM (Python IDE) are easily loaded from sudo apt-get install… yea!!!

screen is small so complicated IDE’s should be used off device and programs transferred over - ran FLDIGI and produced FLDIGI PSK31 sounds on transmit out of speakers… hmm :wink: other than annoying my YL looks like it works also installed notepadqq (notepad++)
Battery life - I’m running the crap out of it… so far so good - have it propped up so I can read the screen and use an external wireless keyboard and mounse - it works… I’m game on!

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