Loading other programs

I’ve got several Ham radio programs I have installed on the Raspberry pi -


looking forward to determining how to install… If FLDigii works as I think it should this will make a tremendous Digital addition to an HF radio for field work. (no need to lug around a big expensive power hungry laptop) - currently I run a Pi3 in a case in the field.


debian repos are wicked preem. <3
I just got a USB GSM modem to add to my collection of dongles… which includes a TL-WN722N with a double biquad antenna and extension, a Intel Neural Compute Stick 2 and an RTL-SDR.
Exciting indeed!

I didn’t even think about SDR!!! I have the USB one too… been running it on Android…

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soooooo many radios… but still no where near all the radios

Update - actually loaded without issue Chirp and FLDIGI. Not tested yet may have to wait till Christmas break.

Loaded Xastir (Linux APRS client) works with TCPIP packets working on wiring for a USB TNC…