Amiga UAE Emulator


Ok I got it up and running, finally found some time this week end. I will create a new fork on github with UAE4ARM-RPi that has all changes needed for Gameshell. Including instructions, example configuration files and maybe icons.

The next days I have still to try out CD32 support, find a way to switch between joystick and mouse. Or how one could change disks, like for the all new Barbarian Plus which has 6 disks.

I tested quite a lot of games, to this moment only Pacmania did show some audio and screen size issues, everything else works well.

I can now configure Gameshell keys to behave different for each single game. E.g. space key in Turrican for the energy line on Y button. Or in Hybris have Y for ship expansion, and A for smart bombs and B for pause.

I guess Gameshell has not enough keys for FA-18 Interceptor, however I have not yet given up on that one :slight_smile:

Some parts are coded and not flexible right now, so I still need some time to make it configurable by using the existing UAE configuration files.

Finally, although UAE provides an in game menu, usually opening with F12 however also configurable, it crashes once I press it. But this one is not that important for me yet. Priority is to be able to play games.


A question to those among you with Lightkey, I have none, however adding it to the custom input control for the Amiga emulator won’t take too much additional time, so I thought to add it too.

I understand that there are 5 additional buttons, LK1 (home key), LK2 (page up), LK3 (shift), LK4 (page down) and LK5 (end) by default.

Here my question, is LK1 the button to the out erleft ? Hence usually left shoulder button, aka L1 ? and LK2 would be the second left should button, aka L2 ?


First version of uae4arm-rpi for Gameshell ready for download. Instructions may be found here. All you need is to place action.config to /home/cpi/apps/launcher/Menu/GameShell/20_Retro\ Games/Amiga. As usual with SSH, read ssh howto if you need help. The action should then automatically download the emulator. Should the action fail to do this, you may manually download it from here, then upload the unzipped uae4arm file to Gameshell to /home/cpi/apps/emulators directory.

I did also prepare an optional launcher icon:

Example configuration files, as explained in Readme, may be found here

The emulator runs well enough for the games I want to play on Gameshell. There are a few things that could be improved in the future, if time permits.


Wow, thanks a lot. But:

Followed your instructions. But it doesn’t work. If I’m starting a game, the loading screen (of the gameshell) shows up and returns to the main menu. All other games and emulators on my gs work fine. Any suggestions?