Android apps running on the uConsole CM4 via Waydroid

I’m not an LXDE expert, but I think the top comment here might be what you’re looking for. raspberry pi - Debian/LXDE terminal, how to disable it/disable the panel bar - Stack Overflow

Auto hiding might be not so bad idea, thanks

Trying to install with these instructions results in ‘Failed to load binder driver’ during sudo waydroid init -s GAPPS.

Did some research trying to figure it out, but no solution.

what distro and kernel version are you on?

The most current Bookworm default image found for the uConsole on git.

Err, sorry, Bullseye.

Reading a bit further, and after a cup of coffee, I assume this only works in Bookworm.

it’s mainly the kernel needs to have stuff compiled for it.

This image already is all set to go. it will require you to flash your sd card.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to use Waydroid to access the 4g module in order to do SMS or calls? I would assume that if you are using the module for cellular data it could use that as well but I haven’t gotten a SIM card yet for my module to test anything out. honestly I think I’ve just been waiting for this level of functionality, the new kernel and waydroid running puts about everything I want in reach. well, if waydroid can use the 4g stuff.

I don’t have the 4G module so I can’t say for sure. It can access the Internet but I am not sure if it interacts with non-VOIP phone calls or SMS messages.

Maybe if they disconnected the card in software and reconnect it like me and you were doing with the gamepads it will make waydroid pick it up the device directly?

I don’t have my uConsole yet and didn’t get the 4G card but you can try the commands in the OP for getting the gamepad working. use the same command cat /proc/bus/input/devices and see if the modem shows up then sudo sh -c 'echo add > /sys/class/input/eventXX/uevent With any luck Waydroid will pickup the actual hardware.