Any idea what the Godot support with look like?

Any idea what the Godot support will be on the DevTerm? As a developer who uses Godot frequently, I want to know if I can utilize the DevTerm in my workflow. All I know is that it said it would be supported, but I don’t know what the specifications of that are. If anyone has any idea, please let me know.

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Although not related to the devterm directly, there was talk of it working on the gameshell in this thread.

The way I see the devterm is as a raspberry Pi, with a built in keyboard and screen. If it can run on a RPi, it should be able to run on the dev term. The main constraint that I’d imagine would be the tiny resolution.

From that thread above, the problems with fully accessing the GPU was something potentially solved with the updates to the OS earlier this year. I’m hoping that the new clockwork boards come with drivers fully written and ready to go.

If not, RPi is so mainstream that if no one finds a solution here, someone else will on another forum.

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Hope that DevTerm can be the best Raspberry Pi shell

1.It should make full use of the existing Raspberry Pi expansion hardware.
2.Support CM4

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Oh no I meant as in actually developing for it

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If you can use say, a Debian desktop/raspbian environment fo develop for Godot, I wouldn’t see why not. Although again, what kind of resulution would you need? Would the nipple/joystick mouse be enough of an interface?
From what I’ve tinkered, the raspberry Pi 4 is a plenty powerful unit. On paper, it looks like the flagship clockwork module will be similar, just with a potentially better graphics.

With the DevTerm you’ll also be getting the benefit of being able to use GLES3, at least for A-04 and A-06 models. It should at least run exported games better than the Gameshell. There are two thing I’m curious about in regards to support though: audio latency and GDNative.

I doubt using the editor in the devterm would be comfortable as it is atm.

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Supporting the CM4 is sadly pretty difficult due to the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s decision to switch to a proprietary mezzanine connector setup instead of the standard SO-DIMM connector on the CM3, but the Clockwork Pi A-series core boards provide comparable specs to the CM4.

I’m planning to bring support for Godot to the DevTerm too after my work on the GameShell.
Producing hardware accelerated binaries should be no problem!