Godot 3 (any Godot developers here?)


Hey everyone. Just curious if anyone has tried building a game with Godot 3. There is a project which adds the rpi as an export target. https://github.com/efornara/frt

I’ve been tinkering with Godot for years now and it’d be fun to see my projects running on this handheld.


Would love to see Godot able to export to the GameShell, in fact, it’s the only thing missing for now that keeps me from buying it.


Hobby game dev here. I just ordered a GameShell and have been working on porting a game project of mine from iOS/Swift/SpriteKit to Godot 3.0 and really want to make a build to the GameShell.

Since I don’t yet have the hardware (and to help with the dev environment) I’m spinning up a VM in qemu for a Raspbian/Raspberry Pi 3 to test some things out. ARM based systems’ VM’s don’t work as well on Virtual Box, Hyper-V or other Hypervisors.

Thanks ugly_cat, I’m going to try that and if it works well I may post some tutorials and resources online.