What OS can we really run on the DevTerm - besides the default Raspbian that came with it?

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I guess this is more a question for the Clockwork guys. I’d like to know if we’re stuck with the default Raspbian that came with the DevTerm?

For instance, why (when using RPI-CM3) couldn’t we run anything that would run on the RPI 3 in the first place? And what would be the procedure to run another linux distribution (e.g. debian) ?

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Same question.

What do you mean by that? Have you tried running stuff on a CM3 that wouldn’t work?

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I would like to understand what are the eventual limitations to run other OSes than the default Raspbian on the DevTerm. I’ve tried to boot other images that I can run on a Raspberry Pi 3B+ but I cannot tell if they boot. The screen stays… silent.

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Have you tried connecting an external display through hdmi?
The wide IPS screen on the DT probably won’t work until it’s configured on whatever OS you’re installing.

Some other things you will probably need to setup on your own with other OS’s:

  • The Printer
  • Bluetooth/Wifi Adapter
  • Internal fan
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I’d be very interested to see a textmode-only minimal OS image optimized for boot time. How fast could you get to a REPL from power-on? A second or two? If so, I could see the DevTerm having some real utility as a desk calculator.

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Good suggestion, thanks, I will source an adapter to connect an external display.

You also need some patches in the linux kernel. Not having the fan is not critical

Also the printer “driver” we have is 100% userspace, as for the fan service.

Are the kernel patches described somewhere? If this device is to live up to its “An Open Source Portable Terminal for Every Dev.” tagline, they probably should?

Should be available at some point, I know they are working on it

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Good men! I’ll wait.

I’d be interested in some images for other OS’s. The screens on the product pages don’t appear to be raspbian and are more minimal looking.

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These screens are mostly mockup and the A06/A04 modules will not run Raspbian.

Please be patient the A06 should be out soon

Can the A06/A04 be ordered separately?