Any info on how to add cheats?

Any info on how to add cheats?
Like game shark codes etc.

Cheat for what?

If you are using an emulator it may include something like this, but on a standard (linux) app no.

Nothing standard there

For example. I used to play various Pokémon games emulated on different types of hardware. The emulators usually had an option to add game shark cheats / codes.

I am wondering if this is also an option in the emulators that run on gameshell.

Well that the same emulators as on your PC that will run there (Probably based on RetroArch) if they include any emulator by default

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There is a cheat option inside retroarch, and cheats are located in ./config/retroarch/cheats

Only certain cores support it tho. For gameboy/gameboy colour I found GearBoy worked with cheats just fine. (It accelerated the clock in Pkmn Crystal though)

Correct. And to add to this, refer to this existing thread on reddit that talks about adding Cheats to RetroArch.