Gameshell Games Cheats!


How can i use cheats on all games and emulators, is it possible? I use most of the time MAME.

If you are using RetroArch, most of the cores should have built-in cheats. You’re probably gonna need to edit a file that contains cheat codes.

In the online updater within retroarch, you can update the cheat database.
As for all games and emulators, unless the standalone ones have them built in, you’ll probably need to either know how to reverse engineer the programs to integrate it, or download a rom with a “trainer” or similar cheat integration. Either that, or find a way to IPS patch your ROM to include whatever cheat you want integrated.
If it’s just in game cheats, eg, Konami code based cheats, searching for them the old fashioned way is always good.

Did you have any game/emulator combination in mind you wanted to use cheats for?