How to enabled cheat menu in MAME of retroarch?

I have tried to modify retroarch-core-options.cfg but seems does not work.

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What exactly did you have in mind re: cheats? A lot of things, equivalent to cheats can be accessed via the equivalent of the DIP switch options. They can be accessed via the quick menu > options.
Here’s an example.

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something like this

Which core were you using on the screenshot MAME? I could be wrong, but if is possible that cheat availability is core dependent.

I’m pretty sure that screenshot is from regular (non-Retroarch) MAME running on another device. That’s the point, @kit wants to find the same thing in Retroarch.

I haven’t been using Retroarch for MAME or much else, but the standalone MAME @guu built and posted in another thread should have the cheat menu option and should support all the options of modern MAME builds. It runs well under 0.5 too, but some games are faster on the Retroarch cores since the old versions of MAME were optimized for speed in some games.

This option requires some tinkering and setup, but the full thread to the standalone MAME with download links and info is here:

I haven’t actually used the cheat option on it, but I’m pretty sure it’s there along with the rest of the stuff.

That’s why I was wondering which core specifically. Eg, Fbneo, Mame 2003 plus etc have cheat functionality, whereas standard Mame 2003 doesn’t.

The cheat menu is something that contextually appears depending on the core; which is why I wanted to know which core specifically was being used.

The cheat menu is something that you can access via the quick menus. Here’s a screen shot.

And here you can see the Mame 2003 (not plus) folder is omitted.

However, like I was mentioning before, the dip switches usually do a better job at performing basically the same cheat function. Think about the times when when you were a kid in an arcade, and it was your birthday; so the arcade clerk would fiddle with the machine to make you invincible for a day. That kinda stuff.

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