Any Mulitplayer Games?

Hello, everyone. I just ordered a kit for myself but I wanted to buy another one for my friend as a gift later on, depending on whether we could play together so I had a few questions.

Will multiplayer support be added to the GBA emulator in the future, or is it already a valid thing?
Are there any games that can be currently run on the Gameshell that have multiplayer?
Has anyone managed to emulate PSP/PS2 games?

Regardless, I will still enjoy modding the gameshell when I receive it - it just looks so aesthetic.

Many emulators support netplay these days, which works over an internet or lan connection, wont work on bluetooth. Im not sure how you get netplay working in retroarch but it should be able to be done.

One problem is with the consoles that this device is capable of emulating multiplayer wasnt a huge thing when they were current like it is today, i can only think of a few games myself;
Secret of Mana, Metal Slug, Mario Kart (SNES), F-Zero (GBA)

And I can tell you know you won’t get a PS2 running on this thing, PS1 should be doable though.