Is it possible to create a link cable for GS?

I was playing Pokémon Ruby Version on the GS, and I just got the idea/question: Would it be possible to create a physical or online Game Boy Link cable for the GameShell? It shouldn’t be too hard, after all the GS has ethernet on it’s Micro USB cable, all we need to do is make a male-to-male cable for the GameShell and create an emulator (Think SameBoy, MGBA) that supports link cables. Also, this is easier- Can you emulate a link cable over WIFI? This defiantly doesn’t require a cable to be created and will require less code. It would be awesome for GameShell users to be able to trade Pokémon, and have Link Battles over the Internet, especially during this worldwide pandemic. (You know what I mean)

I remember seeing a netplay function in retro-arch, try that out first and see if it works. i can’t test cause i’m having some menu issues, and don’t know how to fix it

Yeah, in RetroArch there is an option for netplay but I haven’t tried it out yet.

So I tested out the Netplay feature on the GameShell, and it doesn’t work. Whenever I try to host a net play, it just says “Failed to initialize netplay.” So Netplay doesn’t work on the GameShell.