Can gameshell run GBA games?


Some people were saying it can’t so I guess I wondering if it’s true or not?


The emulator is just down, currently.

I have played and beaten many gba games that ran flawlessly


Yes, it depends on the game and the emulator. I’ve been playing GBA with mine this week.
The GBA emu is a bit laggy on some games.


gPSP is the one you want. It just won’t work currently.



can’t seem to get mine to work, i got the config files but i am unsure of where to put the bios


Manually make a folder called “BIOS” in /home/cpi

Then open retroarch and go to settings>directories and set the system directory to the BIOS folder.

Then put th bios in there


MGBA gives me good results and it comes by default on the cpi


Gpsp crashes when I try to load ffvi or MegaMan zero 2/4 on it. It loads on mgba but it’s laggy. I don’t get any errors when gpsp crashes. Does it not work with clockworkpi?


what core do u use to run GBA? megaman z2 works perfect on game play, expect the sound is quite laggy even with latency of 96msec.
did u use the mgba core from the @Micro007 (with @Micro007 's shared mgba core) tutorial page?? the default core is not good, better change the core which can be found in this forum


I’m using the core for mgba found on the buildbot . Are you using gpsp? I’ll try the core found on this forum. I was under the impression that it was old


Gpsp is where it’s at for sure


it worked, u are a god sir


yup it was gpsp~ sound is quite weired sometimes, but the best core for gba so far


now about the screen tearing, any tips on games like silent hill on ps1? i have 60 fps but screen seems to not be able to keep up :confused: