Any one can create a ArchLinux Image for Uconsole?

that would be great!
or NixOs for uc.


I’d be super interested in that too!


I’m really interested to get NixOS running on my uConsole (rpi4). I already tried the NixOS 1P rpi4 image and it boots! But, video is going to the micro HDMI output by default, and neither the built-in keyboard or external USB keyboard seems to work.

I’m going to dig deeper and try to get a good NixOS image that works out of the box, but I’m new to it and the uConsole. If anyone has ideas to get things going, let’s collaborate!

I believe the kernel must be patched for the keyboard and such…

Totally new to this kinda software modding… but… yea… they mention it here…

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Just bringing this post from Zombieland to say an Arch Linux build for the device is now possible.

There’s also an alternative guide here, if you want to monkey around directly with the SD card:

OK, I read the post specifically says image; but nobody has the patience to make that. (And, really, why depend on an image when the thrill of using Arch is building the install by yourself?) Luckily, I’ve handled a few Arch Linux installs by myself. So I just went along the instructions in the Github links and the Arch Linux ARM website, and made a couple adjustments to suit my usage. Hopefully by the time my uConsole arrives, my card is ready to use.

Did you have any luck with running NixOS?

Might wonna check this thread out