Any update on Gameshell availability

I ordered a Gameshell on 12/10/2022 and haven’t heard anything since. I’ve tried to email and but haven’t heard anything back. Should I just try to cancel my order and get refunded at this point?

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Thanks for joining the Clockworkpi community. These products are extremely niche and are coming from China. The wait times are usually several months long. Please allow 90 business days for the product to arrive and please account for the Chinese new year as well.

Based on my experience last year with the same product, you would likely get your GameShell product in April.

Don’t worry about it too much. I ordered mine Dec. 5 2022 and just got a new notification a week or so ago. I finally got my GS yesterday! It too forever, and I emailed them too. They did answer back(try checking spam and promotions folder in your email) and told me that they have to ship in gigantic batches due to the customs regulations in China. Also, the ClockworkPI team is a very small team so they just take longer. Trust me, it’s worth waiting for. I was going to buy one in 2019 but didn’t have enough money. Shortly after, the GS went out of stock for a long time. People were selling their GSs on ebay for $300. I was so annoyed because I thought they discontinued the GS. Thank God that they brought them back. You’ll regret it if you cancel your order!

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