Where is my Gameshell?

I’ve been waiting months now…

I ordered mine back in July and am still waiting. I finally emailed asking for an update and I guess they’re still pretty backed up getting parts from China. No new timetable was given but still crossing my fingers

Yes I’ve been waiting since Sept, and I thought I had been waiting a long time! I asked support a month ago and there wasn’t any real update. It would be great to get some actual update.

HA. I ordered mine five days ago before seeing this topic. So how can I get updated? I’m not a patientient man : )

UPDATE: I received my GameShell on January 1, 2023, Cheers! New Year’s toys!


I ordered mine last year (GameShell) and got it around August I believe. This is how things are with COVID unless you are Walmart lol. Most of the month of January is a holiday as well.

Welcome to the experience! Just be aware that everyone is in the same boat. It’s hard for anyone to innovate new hardware atm because of this issue.

I ordered my gameshell about two months ago and today I just got shipping info. The email should look something like this

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That’s right. I ordered the yellow one last year. The box is amazing!

Clockwork state a 60 day delivery window. You will need to be a more patient person. Delivery is based on lead times from the semiconductor industry and in the current climate not a lot that they can do about this. I work for a major semiconductor company and some companies are experiencing a 12 month lead time for components. You only need to be short of 1 component to delay the build. It is what it is I am afraid so don’t whine at the Clockwork team for this.

No, we are all wondering the same. Changing one’s personality is not the answer. The value of money diminishes over time, and so does the need for a product. i.e. Why pay more to wait, when you can pay less to get now?

Perhaps this is also why we cannot order them from Amazon anymore? All of that semiconductor shortage business makes the CPI team build each unit at a slower pace and they can’t keep up with the demand? Oh man, I knew I should have ordered mine 3 good years ago. Well as long as the thing eventually arrives and is in functioning order it doesn’t really matter much. I’ll mess with other devices in the meantime and port my stuff once I get it. I got some 3d prints of the cases done in the meantime. This community is freaking amazing and I can’t wait to contribute.

Well just a question: Who has ordered one recently ? and more importantly how much time did it take for you to get the second email with the shipping tracking code?

Well i got mine today thank you guys!!!

I ordered mine on December 5, 2022, and got my shipment notification a couple of weeks ago. Today on April 3, 2023, I finally got it in the mail! Very excited! So it does take a while to get things going. I emailed the team a month ago, and they were so kind. They let me know that they have to make large batches of orders and ship all of them at once due to the customs regulations in China(which is why it takes such a long time.) So to all those people still watching and waiting for their tracking numbers, it will be there eventually. It just takes a ton of patience!

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