Waiting for my product

I purchased the gameshell on Feb 21st my order number is 11715 and no tracking information or even an email telling me it shipped. Any help here?

there is a related thread already running

and so far the common thread we’ve come up with is most people have emailed help@clock… requesting information before they get it BUT there are others that have mentioned receiving their details without this. being that your order number is 300 higher than mine and i got details on tuesday (the 5th) it’s possible your still waiting another week or so. however I am in no way involved with them or have any other information than can be obtained from the forums so i might be speaking out of backside.

I believe the initial update by Yong on the main thread specified that orders up to 11660 had been shipped out after they returned (both of my orders are in that shipment). It looks like you’re a hundred or so orders after that. So I’m sure your order is in the next batch of orders that is being prepared to be shipped out next.

My order 11617 still hasn’t received any updates, but it should be in that batch?
Hoping it’s just DHL being weird