New Clockwork device: The DevTerm

Introducing “DevTerm” - An Open Source Portable Terminal for Every Dev! Learn more:

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It seems to come with a thermal printer, which is fun, can’t really says about the size.

There are three version:

Delivery set to April 2021

The A04 seems to use a more recent mainboard than the GameShell (v3.14)
The CM3 use a Raspberry Pi Compute Module 3
The A06 seems to also use the same ClockworkPi mainboard as the A04, not sure what the difference is between both…

They are all using a 6.8" IPS screen, can’t really tell the ration, but loos like two 4:3 next to each other so maybe something like 8:3?

They all use 18650 battery (not included, so please buy good quality one with proper protection, you don’t want to have battery problems)

They all have stereo speakers and are sold as a kit like the GameShell.

@yong, if you see anything I forgot, please :slight_smile: Could you tell us what’s the difference between the A04 and A06?

Edit: It seems the ClockworkPi 3.14 is basically a new “Compute module” like device, and if I’m correct, they made it compatible with the rPi CM? yong, could you confirm please?


About the website @guu / @yong, a friend of mine who have some vision issue and I was talking about your new device, told me that the colour contrast text/background on your website is too low, if you could do something for these people, they would be grateful!, you can check that either with recent version of Firefox by right clicking on an element and use the “Accessibility inspector”, or use a website like to check if the contrast between colour is enough for everyone. :slight_smile:

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Is a raspberry pi cm4 module possible in the future?and if this product come out,will we still get gs update such as a ips screen module?

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Woah! That looks so cool! It kind of looks like a white Gameshell. But the prices are a little to high, maybe. But it makes sense. How do you even work that thing? When are you going to launch it or have you already? I really want to buy one.

The GameShell do use an IPS LCD!? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I don’t remember the price of the GS, but it was not cheap either.
The more I look at the product page, the more I see about it, it’s way bigger and there are way more stuff in there than the GameShell.

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Hmm. Yeah actually you’re right @Godzil. But man this looks way cool!

Incredible :clap: :clap:

HELP!!! Please put the “CTRL” button on the left of “FN” :scream: :scream: :scream:

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Why do you want to put the control button on the left on fn?

maybe with: Turing Pi 2 CM4 interface

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Oh. Thats pretty cool actually.

Because the Ctrl button is usually used and FN not, the normal keyboards has Ctrl on the left, the laptops nowadays has the Ctrl on the left, etc…

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Not sure the DevTerm design woudl allow to git the CM4 heatsink. That’s ridiculous how high the Pi4 do heat…

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There is absolutely no standard about the location of Fn and Ctrl. I would say it’s about half/half between

Ctrl -> Fn


Fn -> Ctrl

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Yeah, the pi 4 can get really hot. You need active cooling. I like the design how it already is :grinning:

And I was tight :smiley:
They claim a 16:6 ratio screen, which is 8:3 meaning, two 4:3 side by side :smiley:

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OK, for me is very uncomfortable. For example I don’t buy laptop with FN on the left side.

Anyway, Printer?? I think It’s better to put more batteries for example.

The PI4 heat is bad, but the gameshell heat too

Oh you watch ETA PRIME? Me too. But you don’t have to bad-mouth the devterm. This product is not just for you.