Anyone interested in a used GameShell?

I have a very lightly used GameShell that I no longer want. Willing to trade for a n3DS XL or $110 Paypal shipped.

Its in pristine condition, only put it together and played with it for 2 hours.

I am located in USA.

Hey @trogdorr, you are welcome to sell your GameShell here!

A photo of the gameshell would probably help a lot if you want to sell it (with your something that show your nickname next to it would be nice too)

Also don’t forget that the selling rules here on the forum ask for all request/discussion related to the sell process to be done openly on the topic. (apart things related to personal informations of course)

And welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

Are you still selling it?

I’m interested.

Have you sold this item yet?

Check your Direct Messages Astraya

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I have a 3ds xl gathering dust, but I’m in China :frowning: