GameShell for sale

Hello …

I dont know if forum allows this. I want to sell my GameShell. Please contact me if you are interested.

I am very interested.

And how much would be?

There is no currently defined rules on selling on the forum.

What I will enforce is:

  • Keep it transparent, so price has to be given beforehand, nothing done in PM apart from private details (payment/shipping address)

  • People have to tell on the topic that’s they are interested in buying

  • probably the first asking, first serve is the best selling approach.

  • price negotiation are tolerated but as for the rest must be done openly, NOT BY PM

  • it is the responsibility of the seller to keep the topic updated and to clearly says when the product has been sold

Also only GameShell related thing will be accepted to be sold here.

(Will create a proper topic later to list these rules)

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Let me know man!! I’m totally interested

Couple of things to know :
1> I pledge for the 89$ Super Early Bird.
2> I have already assembled it.
3> I used it for about 3-4 hours max.
4> Reason for selling : too busy with day job and family.
5> I live in the ME so you have to pay or arrange for shipment. I can help.
6> I do not have all the packaging, also my child spoiled the stickers (sorry my bad).
7> I did not wear the t-shirt, i can send it if you want (XL Size)

in the picture you see what i have now, if you need more close ups i can send you.IMG_0275


Selling price is 70 USD … courier cost is upon you. PM me if you wanna bargain or know about shipping cost.


Any idea how much postage to the UK would be?

Postal Parcel Charges from UAE to :
UK : 30 USD Express (2-5 working days), 28 USD Standard (10-15 working days)
USA : 32 USD Express, 25 USD Standard
Canada : 32 USD Express, 20 USD Standard

Postal Parcel is cheaper than courier.

Continuing the discussion from GameShell for sale:

Hello, I am interested in purchasing it. ME as in Maine? I’m from California. Could you pm me here? I will pay paypal. Looking forward to your response.

i am in UAE , ME = Middle East.


I am from China, why sell it, GameShell is really fun. Look at the post in the forum and you will use it. I was a little white person half a month ago, and now it’s okay to install the game. It feels very fun, and there are a lot of cattle persons in the forum. It’s so good to play together! Since I bought it, it is not bad for these few dollars. See the post in the forum with Google Translate:

a little white person : do not know anything person

cattle person: Experienced person

Is the clockwork still available?

yes its still available … please contact me … most who showed interest here did not follow through …

Interested. It seems i cannot find the PM button. Can you please PM me? Sorry im new here.

PM for?

No private negociations. PM only for address and payment exchange.

Not gonna negotiate. Im OK with the price. I just need to know the shipping price to Indonesia and his paypal address.

Ok ok ok then :+1:


So how can I start a PM?

Your user level on the forum is probably too low, going to raise you to the next level.

You should be able now.

Click on the user name on one of the post, then the “Message” button

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