Gameshell for Sale!

Don’t know if this is okay, but I have a fully assembled Gameshell - willing to sell it for 100 USD for the unit and a charging cable, shipping from Canada (shipping will be on you).


Yes you can as long as it follow the rules:

Also putting pictures of what you want to sell would probably makes people happy!

(I need to make them more official than buried in that topic)

@Ryan_Leadbetter, if you want to sell yours, create your own topic for that, thanks

Thanks Godzil. Definitely will do that. If anyone is interested - please comment here and we can figure it out!

Interested! Name a reasonable offer and I can probably accommodate

Hey, so what would you be willing to offer?

Probably around a 120 usd. And shipping if that’s good with you.

Okay so 120 all in with shipping? I can do that. Where am I shipping to?

This might be best to discuss in pm lol

Has this been sold? Interested,if not :blush:

hey man, nothing confirmed yet - feel free to shoot me a message

Can u send It in México??? Gracias…

Interested from Singapore!

I can do that, what’s your offer? Willing to cover shipping?

It is still available, what’s your offer?

Well…the Page sais 100 dllrs so…I dont know that plus cover shipping???

Have u a e-mail??

I can do that, and yes you can email me, do you do PayPal?

Did you recive my m@ils??

No deals outside of the forum. All comms should be done on this page and be visible and readable to those who are navigating this forum.

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Ok…no problema … I just ask