Arch Linux image for Devterm a06

I made an sd card image for the a06 following this guide, so full credit to yatli.

I’ll add more details how to get to a complete setup when I find the time, let this serve as a rough guide.

you can grab it from dropbox here

it is completely barebones, so I’ll put a bit of a guide to get started here;
login is root/root

first, you’ll want to change the root password (passwd $password). then connect to a network, update, and install sudo.
create a new user (useradd -w $username) and set a password (passwd $username $password)
add the user to the sudoers file.

Install a desktop.

gearbox-a06 is installed and working.
the battery monitor is patched already. (you still might want to set the calibration bit to 1)
Standby seems to be working as well. But I still need to do further testing.
I don’t think printer support is working yet, i’ll have a look later.