Battery Compartment Clearance?

Patiently waiting for my Uconsole to ship and I’m staring at some batteries sitting on my desk and it got me thinking. Is there any extra room inside the back plate cavity to mod this with some bigger batteries? I have plenty of 18650s but I also have a bunch of 21700s which are not physically that much bigger if there is a little wiggle room to add a bigger battery holder. anyone think there is roughly 3mm x 5mm extra space…? Might be preemptive and place an order for the double battery holder before I get the uconsole.


I would say yes there’s room, but without knowing how thick the bottom of the tray you get and stuff. i don’t know. the low cost of them trays i’d just pick one up and measure it out and see.

Sweet, as long as I know there is a chance, I’m down to order some. Thanks, Boss.

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Rex, you know if the 18650 tray is series or parallel?

no problem bro. parallel… but each battery has its own connector on the board to the main board.

Awesome, thanks brother. Ordered up the most minimal one I could find. We’ll see what we can come up with.

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I have seen someone on swapping the 18650 for a li-ion battery.

But he is not specific about how it is done so… But it shows that it can be done

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I haven’t received mine yet but I modelled a back that will hopefully remedy 2 of the flaws I want to have changes for. The poor WiFi connection because of being in a aluminium case and using 21700 batteries (or a larger lipo) and having them accessible without breaking apart the case. I can’t really test this back until mine console arrives. But since I had so much time waiting the months (years?) for delivery I have been toying with the idea.


That looks amazing. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. I received my 21700 battery holder and I think I locked out because it is mega slim. Obviously I also haven’t received my Uconsole yet but judging by pictures I really do think it’s going to fit without much hassle.

Would you sell one of those? I would definitely pick one up to see how it works. Did you get a black one? From what I’m seeing those are the ones that are taking forever. I’m hoping my silver one gets here soon.

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I got silver too. I live in Australia, according to where you live shipping might be the expensive part to one of those backs. I wouldn’t charge much for the back but I sent a half kilo package to my mate in the us and it was $50. If you have a 3D printer I’d definitely send you the Stl file.