uConsole Docking Station [WIP]

Hi friends,

Received my CM4 uConsole this week (ordered in Nov 2023, no pi, no 4g, black) !!!
Unlike the majority, instead of diving right into using it, I spent the first few days taking measurements on the physical unit with a plan to design a hardshell carrying case with some clever integral features. Spent two evening in my CAD software, and printed it in ABS for evaluation. I’m still iterating on the design, and refining, but in the mean time here’s a little sneaky peak:

uConsole hardshell case

Things to know:

  • I am planning on doing a limited run of these with some options on colors
  • This case will have a charge passthrough port. Keep it shut, charge it up!
  • I’m still undecided on this but I may also go through the bother of integrating an LED (neopixel obvi) as a charging indicator.
  • It has a compartment for spare SD cards, and two 18650s

Keep an eye on this Topic for news if you’re interested! <3 ya’ll!

P.S I’ll likely also put out a guide on how I riced the stock OS image for those who like the look.


do you have any plan to publish the required files for people who have a 3D printer? :slight_smile:

Could you post some picture so we can see the design a little better?

Yes. When I verify fitment and make some refinements the files will be available on cults3d :slight_smile:

How about a lil’ clip?


Thank you, I can see it MUCH better now.
Might have to print me one when you get it released after I get my UConsole.