Bookworm 6.6.y for the uConsole and DevTerm

Found the problem the brightness controls script placement is preventing arandr from starting. In /home/USER/.config/wayfire.ini copy the 4 lines at the bottom under [command] and put them in the command section at the top and remove [command] at the bottom.

Thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately the ini file you mentioned does not seem to contain that error, so nothing to remove from the bottom and move to the top.

run arandr from the terminal and see what errors you get it should give some hints to whats wrong.

well that was indeed easy and self explanatory; there were some issues with duplicated config lines in 2 sections of the ini. All good now, thanks!

Just out of curiosity, do small fixes such as this one get included in future image builds?

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yes, I never used the screen config app so I didn’t see this problem. I’ve corrected it and am currently uploading a new build. Since its a super small change though it’ll just silently replace the old one for now. I’ll list it as a change on the next update post I do about the build.


I installed ClockworkPi-CM4-Bookworm-6.6.35 but it updates error-prone cache packages

can you share a screenshot?

Rewriting the system no screenshot update prompt can not connect to the repository another is that it may be related to the program I installed “gqrx-sdr” package upgrade will also cause such a problem some dependencies can not be installed to the system "from the package to extract the template: 100%
dpkg: Fatal error that cannot be recovered, aborted:
The file list of the package linux-headers-6.1.0-22-arm64 is missing the last ending line break
Error: Timeout limit has been reached
E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (2)”

It looks like the package wants 6.1. have you tried to compile the app. Kernel headers are in the image but the kernel is 6.6.y not 6.1.y.

Reading package list… There’s a mistake!
E: cannot resolve the software package file/var/lib/apt/lists/ _debian_dists_bookworm_ma in_binary - armhf_Packages (1)
E: cannot resolve the software package file/var/lib/apt/lists/ _debian_dists_bookworm_ma in_i18n_Translation - en (1)
E: cannot resolve package files/var/lib/apt/lists/ _debian_dists_bookworm - up dates_InRelease (1)
E: Unable to parse or open a list or status file of a software package.

We can’t install anything like this. Can we delete these

those are debian controlled repos, I just did a apt update and had no errors. I could be some updating or maintenance on their servers. have you added any repos or ran any install scripts?

Novices will not always fail to compile deb packages that want sdr software ready-made such as sdrangel

I’m not sure what you mean by this can you clarify?

I will not compile the arm64.deb file and hope that someone in the community can compile sdrangel

If you refuse to compile it, don’t expect someone to compile, package and distribute it for you. You could see if the the group responsible for sdrangel will package it.

sdrangel’s team has no instructions on this compilation and the dependencies. Is there any useful x86 emulation tool

none that will be able to run fast enough for sdr software.

No idea if it would work but you could try installing Box64. The easiest way to set it up is through PiApps. GitHub - Botspot/pi-apps: Raspberry Pi App Store for Open Source Projects


I downloaded the full 6.6.y image. Wrote it to an SD card w/ rpi Imager. When booting on uconsole, it displays the uconsole logo and boot messages, but then the screen goes dark and a second later the shutdown messages flash on-screen and my uconsole powers off.

I’m going to try the entire install again…

On first boot it will boot, resize the partitions on the SD card, and reboot. Make sure your running off mains so you can rule out battery issues if you have anymore problems.