Buying a battery for the Gameshell

Considering what happened on the last palette that went through NL Custom, the battery had to be destroyed.

CPI is working on trying to provide us the battery that are due to us, but in the meanwhile probably some people would like to buy one to use their gameshell as these parcel start to be delivered.

This topic is not specifically about buy the battery in the UK, as it could also interest other people.

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Okay chaps, the battery is reportedly a BL-5C 3.7v 1000mAh rechargable battery, like the old Nokia batteries. We might need @yong to confirm that for us, but it seems to be the way to go for now. Happy hunting! Please do report back on what you have found, and how you’ve got on with them.


Original CPI battery and stats


These are the specs as per the campaign. To answer your earlier question in the other thread, the shop was just one in Glasgow that was labelled as a phone and gadget shop. Not a well known high street shop. If you want to go to a physical store then try the pop-up phone stalls or the phone shops that sell the world in cases which aren’t the likes of Three, Vodafone etc. You couor also try those to be fair. Happy hunting! Hope I get mine tomorrow.




cheers @YoshiK1, thats great. I pick mine up from the mail office tomorrow, cant wait.

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Nice one @Wizz, thats brilliant.

Thanks! @Wizz, I was about to post the photo.

Yes. It’s a pretty common BL-5C 3.7v Li-ion battery used in your old Nokia phone, which usually cost less than £10 now. I have tried this one ( and it works, others are welcome to post the ones you tried.

Again, we are sorry for all backers who are affected by the NL Customs inspection, we are sending out our original batteries in separate parcels to you, it may take a few weeks to arrive. Get another one for backup now seems like a good choice, or simply use the USB port to power you GameShell.


I bought these and it works fine: BL-5C Rechargeable Battery 1500Mah…

@yong, apologies - I don’t know if we were supposed to receive USB cables to power the GS? I’m assuming it works with any cable because I haven’t got one.

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Sorry. We didn’t include a USB cable, any micro USB cable to charge your Android phone should work.


Good to hear, I ordered the same.

Would be interesting to see if they actually do provide around 50% more battery life than the 1000mAh batteries. I have my doubts personally!

@lasvegas got a 2000mah one I think. howd it go man?

While it was billed as a 2450mAH battery, I don’t believe it has much, if any improvement from the original 1050mAH that came with the Gameshell. It was inexpensive though. It also hasn’t malfunctioned at all.


you probably may or may not know but you can run your gameshell wired without a battery in case you want to play with it

Discovered that I have an old Nokia 105 RM-908 which has a BL-5CB battery. It’s only 800mAh but is the same 3.7V as the BL-5C and seems to be the same dimensions. Do you guys think it will work whist I wait for a better battery to be delivered?

For those that might be thinking about trying to buy the phone just for the battery please note that I have the 2015 square model and NOT the 2017 round model now on sale and I can’t confirm what battery the currently available phone has.

If you have in your town, one of those shops that sells cases and repairs screens for mobile phones, tablets etc, try in there, and they may have a BL-5C. The one I asked reached under the counter and produced one wrapped in plastic, and it cost me £10, and has worked okay so far.

Also, the Duracell BL-5C as found on Amazon, has 1100mAh at 3.7v, and I’m trying it out in my GS as we speak.

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Well, so far so good with the Duracell. I know that safety is a concern with rechargable batteries, and we always want to know that what we buy is serviceable and safe to operate; so I’m happy to report that after a day on charge there’s been no abnormal behaviour from the battery.

I got them too, the lack of CE marking does concern me a little. I haven’t tried a full charge/dicharge cycle yet, but it does seem to power the CPI OK. I guess time will tell

Do they lack the CE mark? The pictures on Amazon show that they do. In either case, don’t worry too much, the CE mark would be for goods intended for sale to countries in continental Europe, whereas the UK had BSEN 50272, which meets or exceeds the European standards. Check the documentation that came with the battery, see what standards it complies with.

Ok chaps, I emailed Duracell to confirm whether the Duracell BL-5C was a genuine product, and here’s their response: Screenshot_20180904-182321_Gmail

I’m using it in my GS currently, and it’s doing alright.