Swapping out Battery for Larger Capacity Li-Ion?



Really love my GameShell so far, but I’m a bit disappointed with the battery life.

Would there be any issues running the Clockwork Pi on one of these Li-ion batteries from Adafruit?


I don’t think there will be an issue. I actually just ordered their 6600mah pack to tape to the back of the GameShell. (I have no idea what I will do with the internal deadspace, but evs)

We’ll see if they work in a few days…


Perhaps it will match with Nokia’s bl-5c compatible 3-terminal 3.7v battery.(i think from size)


6600mah? Why don’t you buy a power bank? super thin one, can also charge your phone.


I don’t want to have it plugged in all the time (this battery really is abysmal).
Tried that with the WiiU gamepad…

If I need to charge it in the field, I’ve got (plenty of) portable packs for that.

Besides, I’ve got decently large hands and I think this battery will fill out the back nicely :sweat_smile:


Hey! Maybe this one fits? https://m.gearbest.com/batteries-chargers/pp_21087.html
I didn’t check the dimensions…


It’s 3 dollars…
I wouldn’t trust it even if it fit…


proper dimensions, but fake capacity, such a battery can’t have way more than ~1100mAh


Hi! Anybody knows the max possible dimensions (mm) of the battery to fit in the container? I’m still waiting for my gs.


If you extend the battery under the speaker, your dimensions are (I’m sorry, my caliper is in inches. These conversions might not be accurate)
0.39 in (9.906mm) high
2.4 in (60.96mm) wide
2.85 in (72.39mm) long

If you replace cell that contains the battery, ignoring the space under the speaker:
0.39 in (9.906mm) high
2.8 in (71.12mm) wide
2 in (50.8mm) long
However, some of the edges are rounded, so you will have less space in this configuration.

If you find a battery that fits snugly, please let us know! :smiley:


A lego battery bank maybe?

The back

Should simply snap onto the gameshell lego back


If you get a battery from Adafruit, you will need to replace the connector with one of these.

BE AWARE: The wires in the link above have the polarity reversed. You will need to solder red to black and black to red for your battery to work. Consult your included battery, pcb, and wire before you do bad things to your GameShell!

But, it does work!


I don’t have the skills or capability to get this done, but has anyone thought of adding a solar panel to the back in order to help charge the battery on the go or at the park, etc.?


I purchased a pair of high capacity BL-5C batteries on the cheap and installed one. So far, it’s working like a charm!

2 PCS 2450mAh Standard Replacement Battery for Nokia 3650 1100 BL-5C BL5C


Don’t think that would be viable. Check out the size of the solar panels used to power a Raspberry Pi here: https://www.voltaicsystems.com/blog/powering-a-raspberry-pi-from-solar-power/




Has anyone tried an adafruit battery? I have one buried in another project and i’m thinking about trying it out.


How long does the new battery last man


I don’t know yet. I know it took almost 3 times as long to charge (over an hour and a half). I’ll let you know next time my girlfriend has a gaming marathon session… I don’t get into games so much, but love getting them running. I have a full size arcade machine converted to MAME in the office…



Sounds good man let me know. Interesting in purchasing but I figure I might as well see what the run time is since you got it first!